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Permanent Makeup is a life altering experience and an investment in yourself. This simple procedure applies fine particles of pigment color into the layers of the skin, not unlike the application of an ordinary tattoo. The process is completed using topical anesthetics for pain control and comfort and requires as little as one to two hours of your time. The procedure preformed in our office is clean and sterile and we have your utmost safety in mind. Most patients are able to continue with their daily routine with little or no down time...and in most cases, your family and friends won't even know that you had anything done.

Every age group, from the youngster to the elderly can benefit from the application of permanent makeup.

Have you, or any of your friends or family ever experienced the frustration of keeping those eyebrows or eyeliner "perfectly in place" while enjoying yourself in the hot Florida sun? Perhaps your eye sight has worsened, or your hand isn't as steady as it once was? Have you ever looked in the mirror hours after applying that perfect lip liner and lip stick only to find that it has bled into your top lip and you no longer have any color? These are just a few of the reason's to join the millions of women world-wide who have experienced the freedom that permanent cosmetics has allowed them.

Most permanent makeup will last between 2 to 4 years and slowly fade. You will require a third application to keep the area fresh and natural looking.

For many of our clients, finding the right certified permanent cosmetic specialist is important to the success of the procedure being performed. Researching the work that has been completed, and speaking to past client's is important in the decision making process.

Please feel free to stop by our office and speak to our staff. The staff and their families have had their permanent makeup done...and we have patients who are available to speak to you as well. Remember that education and research will ensure that your experience will be a successful and gratifying one.
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Michelle Jennings RN., ICS., FAAM
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