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Why should someone have permanent cosmetics?
Why not? Permanent cosmetics is perfect for the busy person who has little time to apply conventional makeup, those who like to wake up with a fresh natural look, the athlete who wants to look natural and for those with oily skin whose makeup seems to disappear after a short time. It is also ideal for persons allergic to conventional makeup or anyone with limited and movement...poor eyesight...or contact lens wearers.
What is permanent cosmetics?
Permanent cosmetics is a process in which sterile cosmetic pigment is placed under the dermal layer of the skin.
Is this like tattooing?
Yes, exactly...Because we are putting pigment in the second layer of the skin it is tattooing. Our pigments are sterile cosmetic colors that contain iron oxides...which are metal...specially created for enhancement. Historically, colors can "turn" or change color over time and as a result we use only the finest cosmetic colors available. The sterile disposable needles we use are of a fine gauge that is designed for delicate facial tissue. The machines we use are very sophisticated and made for a soft and detailed artistic procedure.
Is it really permanent?
Yes.. Though we use the finest cosmetic colored pigments, they will soften in color over time. We have no way of knowing how long a particular application will last, and cannot guarantee, that the color will completely disappear. The colors are very blend able and changeable so should you wish to change "the look". We suggest you let us "freshen" the color occasionally.
Is it safe?
Yes. All pigments, water, glycerine, alcohol, and coloring agents are sterile. All pigments used are disposed of and never reused. The needles are sterile and disposable. The machine that applies the pigment has a"closed loop" system with no chance of cross contamination. All products are manufactured in the United States.
Who applies the permanent cosmetics?
All procedures are preformed in a sterile medical environment by a Registered Nurse who is licensed in Micro-pigmentation. Our Registered Nurses have years of surgical experience and advanced training.
Is there any discomfort?
Facial skin is very delicate and therefore some discomfort may be experienced. A highly effective topical anesthetic is used with excellent results. Many clients prefer to have a physician "Block" or numb the area of the lips and brows so there is no chance of discomfort...(it is similar to what is experienced at a dentists office.) This block lasts for several hours. We are careful not to start any procedure until we are sure that you are comfortable.
Is there any risk of infection ?
We have not had a single case of infection. You can be assured that all procedures will be preformed by a Registered Nurse in a sterile environment using medical procedures, and sterile disposable supplies and needles.
Is it true that I could not have an MRI if I have permanent cosmetics?
No. Although some permanent makeup pigments may contain organic compounds, most pigments are made of iron oxides which are metal, and highly magnetic. Traditional tattoo inks can be equally magnetic, and all tattoos, whether traditional or permanent makeup, must be reported to the technician doing an MRI, so precautions can be taken to avoid the heat or tingling sensation which may occur.
How long does it take?
Each procedure takes about an hour. This includes custom mixing of color and the use of the topical anesthetics.
Can I be assured I will like the end result?
You approve everything. As colors are mixed and brows designed, you are consulted for approval. You are given a hand mirror and during each procedure you have total control. All procedures include two "touch-ups" within 90 days. We give you the natural youthful look you desire.
What cosmetic procedures are available?
We create eyebrows for those with sparce or undefined brows. With fine brush strokes, individual hairs are "created". Several colors are blended to complement your hair and skin tone for a natural brow.
Color is precisely placed in between each lash at the base of the lash line. This defines the shape of the eye and creates the illusion of thick...full lashes.
Lip Tinting
The aging process causes the lips to loose definition and color. We redefine and shape the lip line. The lip is then filled in with custom mixed color, the color you probably had in your youth. This gives the benefit of lip liner and a full healthy lip color in a single procedure.
Correction and Camouflage
Re-pigmentation of the skin has been a wonderful solution for many.
This process has been used to correct:
If you want to "LOOK YOUR BEST"...you'll want to CHOOSE THE BEST!

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